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Corporate Vision Statement

We endeavor to create an environment of trust, respect, integrity and teamwork with our employees, customers & suppliers in which we all prosper & enjoy life. We aim to educate our customers about the benefits of ozone and provide custom ozone solutions to best meet their needs. Our customer partnerships are critical to our success. Strengthening these partnerships is the cornerstone from which we have grown by continually providing both services and products of the greatest value through innovation and excellence. Fairness, openness, and honesty form the foundation of our company. We emphasize individual respect, dignity & personal growth. Piper Environmental Group, Inc. aspires to provide the best customer service to every client every day. Additionally, we recognize that to be the best, we must endeavor to continually improve our business and processes. This is the Cornerstone of our Company. It translates Values & Beliefs.

Mission & Values

We provide the highest quality, ground-breaking, consumer-driven ozone solutions at the lowest total cost that strive to anticipate the changing needs of our diverse client base. Our core competencies create superior value to our customers. We share vision, embrace change and reward innovation. We are strong and work together to follow through on all commitments. Our beliefs are to Navigate, Cultivate, and Elevate.

International Partnership

Piper has partnered with Primozone and have chosen Primozone over the “traditional” ozone treatment companies (Suez-Ozonia, Xylem-Wedeco, and Mitsubishi). The primary reasons are threefold: 1) Excellent support and sharing of information, 2) Equipment far surpasses the others and is frankly a couple of generations ahead of the other companies, 3) There are no glass dielectrics, fuses, spacers. I know you are familiar with the issues of #3 – it is a job no one wants to do!

We have designed in cooperation with Primozone systems up to 2200 PPD and they have systems in 20 or 30 countries already, including some in the US, but not many.


The capital cost (CAPEX) is higher on Primozone, but the operating expenses (OPEX) are extremely low. We are more expensive, it is only with the Capital Expenditure. It is likely there would be a recap any “overage” by the end of year 2 (and every year thereafter). There are significant savings in electrical consumption AND oxygen consumption. Additionally, we like to operate their ozone systems at 13.7 – 17% concentration by weight, so we have flexibility in output as well. Please note that the higher the concentration, the lower the oxygen consumption. Although there are many more benefits, That being said, we will only add here that we build modularly so you may have 8 (or so) ozone generators. ONLY the ones that are needed are in operation, so the oxygen and electrical savings are also found there. Ozonia, which you are familiar with, maintains the same oxygen feed rate, but varies the electricity, so whether you are at 20% or 100% output, you are using the same oxygen feedrate.

As always, Piper remains a privately held, 100% certified woman-owned by California PUC, and we are ISN-Certified. Best of all, we are very close, so can support you extremely well.

We are always trying to get 14% concentration specified (with oxygen savings as argument) and the savings that this will give in smaller PSA, smaller booster pumps for Mazzei, less off-gas.

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Our Team

Jane Piper CEO & Founder

Jane Piper started her career in the chemical business in 1982, having studied chemistry, biology, math, and psychology. After several years in the chemical industry in gradually increasing responsibilities, she moved to California in 1987 to change to a management position with a pure water equipment and ultra filtration position for a company acquisitioned by GE By 1989 she moved into the ozone equipment process utilizing a NASA patented technology. Jane is a leading innovator in the chemical and ozone water treatment industry since 1982. She is an early pioneer in the growing legion of successful women entrepreneurs. Her company (situated in beautiful Monterey County) is a recognized leader in the utilization of ozone gas for treatment and prevention of soil and groundwater contamination.

Robin Ann Bienemann Chairman Advisor

Robin Ann Bienemann has more than 25 years of experience in running and managing businesses. She ran her own manufacturing company and recently served as senior vice president of a computer storage company in San Jose, Calif. Bienemann currently advises a variety of companies across multiple sectors on improving innovation and overall performance.

Josh Salvage Mechanical Engineer

Joshua Salvage has been working in water treatment for most of his professional career, and has utilized his mechanical knowledge in wastewater as well as soil and groundwater systems at various sites across the United States. His experience as a Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager at Piper Environmental Group has given him a unique background in ozone specific water treatment systems and in managing multiple-disciplinary projects under accelerated timelines. He is excellent at pricing, tracking, cost analysis, and implementation. In his free time, Joshua is either working on/racing cars with Sports Car Club of America or playing softball in his home town of Santa Cruz. He also maintains a healthy garden of organic vegetables and succulents at home, and values nature and a healthy environment. Joshua strives to bring in projects that are both environmentally elegant and economically feasible. He joined Piper Environmental Group over 6 years ago and has been lead in developing ozone solutions for treating drinking and wastewaters.

Bradley Duling Program Manager

Bradley Duling has been working with control panels for the greater part of his life, and has utilized his knowledge of control to support, troubleshoot, and design ozone systems for life support systems at two world-renown aquariums. His experience as a Systems Operator at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Project and Technical Maintenance Coordinator at the Blue Planet aquarium in Denmark, gives him an intimate understanding of water treatment and distribution systems. Bradley quickly grasped the ozone markets that Piper has focused efforts on and has become a quick favorite of our clients. Bradley will be splitting his time with Piper in Denmark, United States, and beyond. In his free time, Brad is out rock climbing or walking a slack line on a mountain peak somewhere. His love of nature and a healthy environment drives him to create solutions that are both environmentally conscious and economically effective. He joined Piper Environmental Group to help keep the world, and its water supplies, clean for all generations to enjoy.

Raquel Perez Purchasing Administrator

Raquel Perez, has been in Water Treatment for 15 years and in environmental for the last 8 years. While she worked she earned her NAPM Certificate at San Jose State and worked her way to a Purchasing/Warehouse Manager position. Her expert knowledge and skillful experience warranted her to deal with suppliers, expedition of parts, on time procurement, and total cost analysis with supplier negations at Ionics Ultrapure Water. Raquel assisted with staging learning the detailed work of her professional team. Specializing in purchasing quality process, expediting, on time procurement and staging has translated into her position with Piper Environmental. As a procurement specialists, Rachel tracks overall spending and is charged to improve the bidding processes. Her other job duties are to price, negotiations; purchase order creation; order tracking and management; and price dispute resolutions. Piper Environmental Group supports family values and flex time, that’s why Raquel loves working here. Raquel’s schedule flexible schedule allows her to spend time watching her youngest son play sports. She volunteers at his school, marketing and throwing bingo events. Dedicating her spare time to her children is Raquel’s passion.


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